• In the context of a Pilot Project on long-term mobility for apprentices, supported by the European Parliament, on 25 January the Commission has published a call for proposals (VP/2017/007). This action builds upon a first call for proposals of similar nature launched in 2016 (VP/2016/010).



  • The Pilot Project's overall aim is to test the viability of setting up "A European framework for (long-term) mobility of apprentices", enabling young apprentices to develop their skills and enhance employability, while strengthening their sense of European citizenship.


  • An Information Session will take place on 22 February. More info is available on the page of the call.


  • The deadline for applications is 29 March 2017.


  • Three main objectives will guide the actions financed under this call for proposals:
  1. assess to what extent demand exists among relevant stakeholders for developing long-term (6 to 12 months) transnational apprentice mobility schemes, and the uptake of such schemes;
  2. identify obstacles (legal, practical, institutional, academic, etc.) that prevent apprentices from carrying out longer-term stays abroad;
  3. identify and disseminate good practices and success factors for long-term work placements for apprentices.

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