IFTDO Global HRD Awards 2018-Announcement


The IFTDO Global HRD Awards Program, recognizes the achievements of organizations and their people.  It also provides a valuable database of success stories to inspire and guide others.  Entries (submissions) for this program are solicited globally and past recipients represent a wide range of organization types and valuable performance results achieved.  The Awards are given from the donation by Dubai Police Academy and the sponsorship by Saudi Aramco.


First awarded in 2009 at our World Conference in Toronto, Canada, IFTDO Global HRD Awards have been presented every year since that time. There are two award categories:


1. Best HRD Practice
2. Research Excellence Award


Submissions are evaluated, by a respected panel of judges, against the criteria outlined for the award category selected by the submitter, from those listed above.


The panel of judges will select an Overall Winner from the two highest rated submissions, one from each category. The Overall Winner is awarded a prize of $5000, along with a memento and a Certificate to note their achievement.  The remaining best Category submission receives a prize of $2000 along with, a memento and a Certificate to note their achievement.


In addition, the cost of the cheapest economy airfare, plus participation in the IFTDO World Conference, plus 3-nights hotel accommodation for one representative to attend the Conference and the Award ceremony, for the Overall and remaining Category Winners, is covered by IFTDO.


Certificates of Merit may also be awarded to some other entries with notable achievements.  However, Certificates of Merit awardees, if any, must attend the Award ceremony at their own cost.


All entrants must agree to their submission being publicised on the IFTDO website and in articles in the IFTDO Newsletter and Journal and provide write-up for the same. 


The Forms, Rules of Entry will be available on the web site

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