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The European Commission is setting up the European Education and Training Expert Panel, having as main task to support the preparation of the post-2020 strategic cooperation framework for education and training. The Expert Panel will reflect on the grand challenges facing Europe and their impact on the education and training systems.


A call for applications for the selection of the panel members was launched on 29th June 2018 and will be accessible for four weeks through the Register of Commission expert groups:


Interested experts are invited to submit their application to the European Commission/DG EAC until 27th July 2018.


The Expert Panel shall consist of up to 20 members specialised in societal and technological trends, but at same time with a clear understanding of their implications for education and training. Members shall be individuals appointed in a personal capacity and shall act independently and in the public interest.


For an effective work, it is crucial to involve experts with highly relevant expertise in the areas covered by the Panel mission. Therefore, I would like to ask you to help by disseminating the call through your communication channels, in order to reach out to a wide range of potential candidates that can contribute to the debate on how European education and training should look like in the years to come.

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