Διαγωνισμός Cedefop Photo Award 2019


For the fourth year running, Cedefop has launched the #CedefopPhotoAward competition and we would greatly appreciate your help in spreading the word!

An integral part of the European vocational skills week, #CedefopPhotoAward 2019 is an initiative endorsed by the European Commission, aiming to promote best practice and excellence in vocational education and training (VET) across the EU and beyond.

Similarly to last year, the #CedefopPhotoAward offers the chance to young learners as well as adults in continuing education to share their learning experiences. Groups of up to four learners in the EU, Norway and Iceland are invited to produce an original photostory, accompanied by a narrative of up to 100 words explaining the idea behind their work.

Two winning teams will take part in the European vocational skills week in Helsinki in October as nominees for the top prize, which will be presented by European Commissioner Marianne Thyssen at the closing event. A special #CedefopPhotoAward prix du jury will be presented to a third winning team during the Thessaloniki International Film Festival in November.

This year all entries will be submitted online via this link. Deadline for submissions is 31 May 2019 23:59 CET.

The winning and runner-up photo stories will be exhibited during the 60th Thessaloniki International Film Festival and at the #EUVocationalSkills week.

For more info please have a look at the promo video.


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