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The CCCI is operating as a Federation of the District Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the five major towns of Cyprus, which have jurisdiction in their respective towns and districts. The Chamber is the leading organisation of the business people of Cyprus (representing more than 95% of the country’s business activity) and apart from offering a wide range of services to them it promotes their interests and views to the Government and the Legislature. It is an independent organisation operating as a Corporate body and is not enjoying any state or other subsidy. The CCCI is a recognised social partner in Cyprus and takes an active part in the Social Dialogue at national level while it also participates together with the trade unions and the Government in the various committees of tripartite cooperation.

The basic objectives of the CCCI are:

  • To offer optimum service to the members and promote their interests, within the framework of the overall interests of Cyprus and the advancement of the well being of the Cyprus people as a whole.
  • To safeguard and promote the free economic system of Cyprus, which has indisputably always contributed to the attainment of an enviable standard of living for the Cypriot people.
  • To follow-up closely the economic developments and maximise the contribution of the business community to the country’s progress.

The CCCI has become the host of a large number of EU services in Cyprus. The services include inter-alia: the hosting of the Euro Info Centre (EIC CY-691); the operation of the European Reference Centre (ERC); the operation of the Euro Info Points at the 4 local Chambers of Limassol, Larnaca, Paphos and Famagusta (Paralimni); its appointment as the Sales Office of EU Official Publications (EUR-OP) in Cyprus.

The CCCI is a full member and national representative in Cyprus of many international organisations such as: the Association of the European Chambers of Commerce and Industry (Eurochambers), the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) the International Labour Organisation (ILO), etc.

The CCCI is heavily involved and possesses a lot of experience in participating in EU projects and programmes like the Leonardo da Vinci Programme, the Framework Programme on RTD, the EUMEDIS Programme and others.

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Leonidas Paschalides

Email: [email protected]

Address: 38 Grivas Dhigenis Avenue &
3 Deligiorgis Street Chamber Building
P.O. Box 21455




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