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Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) is one of three state universities in the Republic of Cyprus. It was founded by law in 2004 and welcomed its first students in September of 2007.

The University is a modern, pioneering and internationally recognised university, able to offer education and high level research in fields that impact the economy, technology and science. Focusing mainly in applied research, CUT supports the State and society in their efforts to deal with problems related to science and technology.

The development of all academic departments is characterised by the following strategic objectives:

  • To offer education to students of a high scientific, technological and professional level.
  • To produce high quality research that will transcend the traditional boundaries between basic and applied research, so that solutions may be offered to major problems of the society and the economy. Simultaneously to allow Cyprus to attain an important position as a partner in a modem, European setting and to secure significant external research funding.
  • To promote University cooperation with local industry and the economic sector in order to participate in the national effort to innovate and constantly improve products and services.
  • To develop relationship and cooperation with its social partners and contribute to society, social cohesion, culture, local development and the economy.

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