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The Open University of Cyprus (OUC) is the second (by order of establishment) state university of Cyprus and the only higher education institution of the island offering programmes of study exclusively based on the distance learning methodology. It offers interdisciplinary, career oriented undergraduate and postgraduate (at master and doctoral level) programmes of study, as well as training programmes of short duration, pushing students boundaries further, encouraging their creating thinking and enabling them to discover much more than the mere knowledge they need to prosper and succeed in today’s competitive environment.

The main educational tool is the OUC’s eLearning Platform – eClass - that facilitates online teaching and learning, allowing the establishment of virtual classrooms, equipped with real-time and asynchronous collaboration tools. Over the years, the OUC has made every effort to ensure that it is multi-format, in terms of its educational methods and materials, in order to respond to the diversified needs of its students.

The OUC has three faculties: Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences, and Faculty of Economics and Management.

Research at the Open University of Cyprus is wide-ranging, interdisciplinary and includes both individual projects of its academic staff, as well as collaborative efforts, which involve local and international universities, research centers and institutes. Under its internationalisation strategy, the University continues to develop strong and effective partnerships with foreign research teams, which provide opportunities for international collaboration and active involvement in multidisciplinary projects covering emerging developments in various fields. University research activities are funded by the University’s state funded budget, or receive funding from various national, European and international organisations and programmes, such as the Erasmus+, Horizon 2020, and Interreg.


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